The River

The River - Amplified Svorc Cave Choir Orchestra

"The River" is an animated movie that is loosely inspired by the myth of the Ancient Greek river Styx. This river served as a boundary between the world of the Living and the Dead. A ferryman would wait for the deceased and transport them to the other side in exchange for money. The concept of the Styx itself may be perceived as bizarre, as it attempts to grasp the essence of life and death by intertwining it with a money transfer concept, which is a creation of the living fools.

In the actual movie, another one of these living fools completes his book and embarks on an exploitative journey. Originally, the film was a silent movie created in 2013. A new version titled "The River - Amplified Svorc Cave Choir Orchestra," featuring a soundtrack composed by Paul Korinek, was released in 2021.

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